A Farmer's Market in Walpole!

March 29th, 2010

Walpole is a town known for its farms and rural beauty and now those farms are going to be showcased every Friday afternoon at a farmer’s market on the town common! Now we are still in the planning stages, but this past Thursday night Bruce Bickford of Abenaki Springs Farm(www.abenakispringsfarm.com) met with the select board here in town and they granted us the use of the common for the weekly market.


We are lucky in this area to have a few really wonderful farmer’s markets.  Keene holds a market on Tuesdays and Saturdays, Bellows Falls has their market on Friday evenings, and Brattleboro has a Wednesday and Saturday market.  Most of these markets offer anything you would need to stock your fridge for the week and are great places to meet friends and neighbors for a bite to eat, a chat or some great local music.

In the initial planning stages we attempted to avoid holding our market on the same day as any other markets in the area.  When we polled the town at our annual town meeting, the majority of people polled voted for a Friday market.  Bellows Falls holds their market on Friday as well so we had to think about the implications there.  After much discussion, we decided that Friday would still be best for Walpole.

Our aim is not to compete with the Bellows Falls Market but simply to coexist and support each other.  Unfortunately some of our Walpole vendors, including us, cannot sell all of our products across state lines. This makes it difficult for New Hampshire farms to take part in a Vermont market. 


We want to encourage the people of Walpole to shop locally….Very locally, and that is why we have decided to have the market showcase primarily Walpole farms in addition to farms in some of the surrounding towns.  You’ll be able to find local vegetables, eggs, fruits, pastured and grass-fed meats, honey, cut flowers, maple products, crafts and hopefully much more at the market.  We hope that in the future every town can strive to have their own farmer’s market, and the sooner this happens the sooner local foods will be available to more people.


Our effort to bring fresh, truly local foods to Walpole is coming to fruition and we are all so excited about it!  Jill Robinson has been an integral part in getting all of us organized, thanks Jill!  As the coordinators, Holly Gowdy of Brookfield Farm (find them at www.eatwild.com), Erin Bickford of Abenaki Springs farm, and myself will be working out all of the kinks of  the market’s rules and regulations, advertising, etc. in the coming weeks.  We hope to start the market in May and run it every Friday through the month of October from 3-6 pm on the common.  We hope that folks will continue on to the Bellows Falls market for some great Friday night local music.  See you at the market!



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