New Life on the Farm

March 31st, 2010

A few weeks ago I was in the barn giving water to the cows when out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn that I saw a belly move.  No, not just a twitch or a gas bubble, no this was a large movement.  A movement that could only have come from one thing…A calf! I thought to myself “no this can’t be, she can’t be due yet” so I dismissed the undulation as just my early morning imagination running wild.


That afternoon we had our weekly farm meeting with all three families and the subject of calves came up.  We were trying to figure out just how many calves to expect this year and when the heifers would be due.  I believe that the consensus was not yet.  I kept my my mouth shut but  filed away at the very back of my mind, what I thought I had seen earlier that day.


I didn’t give much more thought to the cows as the week began.  I checked in on them when I went up to collect eggs but nothing was any different than it normally is, just a group of hungry cows munching on sweet smelling hay.  Wednesday rolled around and I was back in the routine of the week (except for the corned beef that Chris and I had cooking on the stove for St. Patty’s day) when lo and behold, a bull calf was born!  Everyone was so surprised and what a lucky day to be born on, St. Patrick’s Day!  Jackie ran a little name contest on her Facebook page for the inn and the winning name was “Lucky”…Fitting.

So those undulations were the real deal, I wasn’t seeing things after all!  What a cute calf and a happy mama.  So now that Spring is almost upon us we will be seeing so much more new life.  What a great time to be born!  These calves sure will be happy to be out on pasture in a few weeks, everything so fresh and new.


A few days later on the 20th another calf was born, this time a heifer followed by another on the 24th and another on the 27th!  I wasn’t expecting this last one either.  I went up to feed and water the cows on Saturday morning and I noticed that there were four mama cows penned up together with the three calves.  I noticed something moving in the corner of the pen and realized that another calf had been born, still wet and wobbly-legged.  I fed the nursing moms some extra hay and made sure that their water trough was extra full and excitedly sprinted through the field and into the kitchen.  I asked Chris how that other mother got into the pen and he told me that he thought that she was ready to calf so he put her in there to have her baby.  Well he was right and what a beautiful dark brown coat on this little one!


So now we have four new calves and are we are expecting a few more.  New life on the farm is always a great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons!


First taste of hay
First taste of hay

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