The Chicks Have Arrived

April 18th, 2010

Chris got up early today and I’m not sure if it was our son Henry who woke him up or if it was the anticipation of two hundred warm, yellow fuzz balls scheduled to arrive today.  The phone rang at around 6:30 am, it was the post office calling to let us know that the chicks had arrived.  Chris hurriedly dressed, grabbed the keys and headed out the door.


The new brooder has been under construction for the past few weeks and is ready for the chicks.  It took some doing to make it both rat and draft proof! Chris made sure that the hood and heat lamp were in place and shavings were spread on the floor before the chicks’ arrival.  For the first week we put organic molasses into their water to give them a little extra nutrition to help them recover from their journey.  We spread newspaper on the floor of the brooder and scatter food onto the paper so they learn to scratch at the ground and so they avoid eating any shavings.


Chris came back with three chirping boxes and gently carried them to the new brooder.  The chicks were immediately happy to put their feet onto the soft shavings and to soak up the heat from the hot heat lamp. They all looked surprisingly alert despite their long travels!  When we go to feed and and water the chicks they run under the hood like a big fluffy, yellow wave.  They slowly start to peek their heads out, realizing that we are not predators but bearers of food!

Two chicks discussing the weather
Two chicks discussing the weather

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