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So much has happened here on the farm since the last blog!  It has been a while so I will try to catch you all up on some of the exciting things that have happened here lately. 


First of all, welcome to our new website!  After many long hours working together here at our kitchen table and with friends, the new website was born.  Chris worked so hard to make it more user friendly for us and for you...we were so excited to finally get it up and running! We hope that you find some of the new features, such as the downloadable forms useful.  We added some of our favorite photos and now the blog is attached to the website which is so convenient! Let us know what you think!


We hired a new employee as our assistant herd manager.  Bill Fosher comes to us from Westmoreland and keeps two-hundred ewes of his own also in a pasture-based grazing system.  We were so delighted to find someone local who is as passionate about sustainable farming practices as we are. 


So since St. Patrick's day we have had a total of six calves born and we are still awaiting at least two more.  All of the calves look wonderful and are enjoying their mama's milk and fresh June grass.  The poulet rouge meat chickens are looking amazingly plump these days.  Our first processing date is July 10th so look for fresh chicken at the Farmers' Market this summer.  We have over two-hundred new laying hens who will replace our current layers.  They will start laying in the fall.


The turkeys are starting to feather out and are so fun to watch, their long necks bobbing up and down as they stut.  We have six Berkshire pigs which will be headed out to the woods to live in a couple of days.  We will have them on a rotation through paddocks coprised of half woodland and half pasture. They will be able to root for all sorts of delicacies such as mushrooms, apples, acorns, and other roots that pigs find scrumptious. 


The farm is a busy place these days and will only get busier in the coming weeks now that school is officially finished for the summer.  The inn will get busy and we will be getting new chicks all the time.


Check out the farm tours link on the left hand side of this page to find out more about our regularly scheduled farm tours.  We love to show people our farm and to teach people about sustainable farming practices.  Oh and don't forget to come see us at the Walpole Farmers' Market every Friday from 3-6 on the Common!



Sam and his friend Drake with the laying hens
Sam and his friend Drake with the laying hens

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