Hay Time!!

Hay time is a special time here on the farm and we have had amazing haying weather these past few weeks.  Bill and Chris have been working hard getting all of the cutting, tedding, raking and baling done.  We ended up with about 250 bales on our first cut last week and yesterday we brought in about 200 bales.  Today we are hoping for another 600.


The smell of freshly cut hay is one of my favorite Summer smells.  Our 2 boys have been in seventh Heaven these past few days with all of the farm machinery going in and out of the driveway.  We are lucky enough to have a great view from our front yard of the fields that we were cutting these past few days so I heard constant tractor dialog between Sam and Henry.


Haying is hard work but the sense of accomplishment that comes from a full hay mow is worth it.  The stacked bales always look like an inviting playground for the young ones living here on the farm.  Oh to be young again!  


We're crossing our fingers for lots of bales today!!  Happy 4th of July!


Enjoy this poem by Robert Louis Stevenson about haying.

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894).
“The Hayloft” 
from Collected poems (1950)

Through all the pleasant meadow-side 
The grass grew shoulder-high, 
Till the shining scythes went far and wide 
And cut it down to dry.

These green and sweetly smelling crops 
They led in waggons home; 
And they piled them here in mountain tops 
For mountaineers to roam.

Here is Mount Clear, Mount Rusty-Nail, 
Mount Eagle and Mount High; 
The mice that in these mountains dwell, 
No happier are than I!

O what a joy to clamber there, 
O what a place for play, 
With the sweet, the dim, the dusty air, 
The happy hills of hay!



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