Recent Happenings on the Farm

Our bull and our steer competing for rank in the herd
Our bull and our steer competing for rank in the herd

Much has happened here on the farm since I last blogged and please excuse the absence of any news.  Our 2nd annual Family Farm Day was held last weekend, August 28th and it was a huge success!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the atmosphere was amazing.  We had live bluegrass playing throughout the day, our own grass-fed beef burgers cooking on the grill, farm tours, a movie in the barn, an inn tour and so much more.  If you didn't make it this year, be sure to make an effort to come next year as it is a great family event.  A big thank you to all of you who made it, it was a great day!


Last night we sent a steer to slaughter at Westminster Meats (  We are so happy to have a slaughterhouse right across the river, it sure makes transport a lot easier not to mention the decreased stress on the animal. We used to have to truck the animals at least an hour and a half away and now the the ride is only about ten minutes! 


Bill and Alex our assistant herd manager and intern respectively, have been hard at work keeping the fences moving and the animals rotated onto fresh pasture daily.  They have been working so hard in this heat, we are thrilled to have such dedicated help on the farm.


Before I go check out our Farm Day video that our friend Ian Kiehle put together (THANKS IAN!). You'll find the video on the left hand side of this webpage under local press and videos.  We love to show people what we are up to here on the farm so be sure to come to a farm tour before the cold weather sets in.  Our next tours are scheduled for September 4th and October 2nd.


See you at the farm!


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