So here we are again in late September, fresh air, cooler temperatures (thank goodness), and the smell of dried leaves and cider in the air.  This time of year is by far my favorite not only for the aromas, the harvest and the cool nights, but also for a favorite festival...Oktoberfest!  We are lucky enough here in Walpole to have an annual Oktoberfest celebration at one of the best restaurants around, The Restaurant at Burdick Chocolate.


Now you may be thinking, why is Oktoberfest in September?  Well in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, the festivities for Oktoberfest begin in September but go into the first week of October. The first Oktoberfest commemorated the wedding of crown prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.  The event was such a success that it was decided to hold it again the following year. It continued to be such a hit that this year marks the 200th year! 


Walpole's Oktoberfest certainly does not draw the crowds of the real deal in Germany but Larry Burdick along with Chef Wesley Babb and pastry and chocolate chef Michael Klug (of Germany), have outdone themselves again. This year's Oktoberfest boasts authentic German cuisine that will knock your lederhosen off.  We are extremely excited that our very own Walpole Valley Farms Hendl or chicken will be on the menu this year!!! Quite an honor. 


SO if you have the opportunity to make it to this year's Oktoberfest don't hesitate to make a reservation.  You will be treated to an authentic German meal complete with German wine and beer pairings.  Go listen to some live Oompa music in the beer garden and enjoy the crisp, wonderful fall!  Oh and don't forget to order the chicken!! 



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