We're Bringing the Fuss Back to your Thanksgiving Table

Hey, that looks like one of our Red Bourbon Turkeys!
Hey, that looks like one of our Red Bourbon Turkeys!

Well, another year has passed and we find ourselves here again at holiday time.  There are many, many things to be thankful for this year on the farm.  We were blessed with an abundance of crickets and bugs this year so our turkeys grew to record size!  Our largest turkey weighed in at a little over 37 pounds...that's more than our 4 year old!!  Our customers were more than understanding when it came to the extra meat that they would be cooking for Thanksgiving so we are also extremely thankful for that. 


One thing that we are extra thankful for this year is the amazing interest in real food.  I can't tell you how many people are talking about heritage turkey, local produce and the fact that their Thanksgiving meal will consist of only locally grown meats and vegetables!  We are truly touched that people are "fussing" over their Thanksgiving meal. 


I was talking to a friend the other day and she brought up the point that people worked extremely hard all year nurturing and finally harvesting their fruits, vegetables, and meat.  The Thanksgiving meal was a feast that was a showcase of the hard work, sweat, and probably tears of the harvest. 


So when people come to us to purchase a turkey for their Thanksgiving table, we know that they care about where it came from, what its life was like, and what it was eating.  We know that they are thinking of the work that we put in to lovingly raise that bird for them and we are honored to be part of their celebrations.


Our own table this Thanksgiving year will be filled with the produce from our gardens and from the fields of some of our fellow farmers.  The meat on our table will of course be our own and the bacon in some of our dishes will be from our pastured, heritage pigs.  We can't wait to taste the turkey!


Happy Thanksgiving!


Oh and don't forget that the Monadnock Buy Local folks are urging everyone to shop locally for what they are calling "Plaid Friday" instead of "Black Friday."  So if you have to get out and shop after your amazing Thanksgiving meal...do it locally and wear PLAID! 


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