White Snow, Bright Snow

                                               Dust of Snow 

                                              by Robert Frost


                                    The way a crow
                                  Shook down on me
                                   The dust of snow
                                  From a hemlock tree

                                   Has given my heart
                                    A change of mood
                                  And saved some part
                                   Of a day I had rued.


It is true (for me at least) that a bit of snow can turn your mood around.  When the long winter is cold and dry without snow, the winter seems that much longer.


The recent snowstorm left us with over twenty inches of beautiful powder and we are still digging ourselves out of it!  Collecting the eggs has been a bit more difficult and my legs burn as I walk through the deepest of drifts, but the fluffly, white blanket covering everything the eye can see is a welcome sight.


As I do chores in the snow I think about how much we take for granted.  Imagine what it was like one-hundred years ago on a farm. I'd love to go back in time and see horses working to help move the mountains of snow and the contraptions used to move around on the farm. 


Even though the chores are more physically demanding and we have to wear extra clothes to keep our bodies warm and dry, the snow is wonderful!



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    Gail (Saturday, 15 January 2011 03:32)

    Hi Cait, Happy New Year!!! Wow...beautiful photos...it is so true..snow brings us "up" from a long winter! I love the snow....love you all too!