Peep Peep at Walpole Valley Farms

Sam peeking on the new chicks
Sam peeking on the new chicks

Besides the daffodils and crocuses blooming in front of the farm house, one sure sign of spring for us here on the farm is the arrival of our first batch of broiler chicks.


The call came early this morning.  The woman on the line from the post office said "you've got quite a few babies down here."  I told her we'd be right down and I hung up the phone.  Chris and Sam quickly dressed and headed downtown to pick up 500 peeping fluff balls.


The brooder was all set up a few days ago so the chicks would have a clean, comfortable and warm home upon arrival.  Chris, Tyson (our new employee) and Sam made sure that each chick had a drink of water with a bit of organic molasses before placing them on the floor of the brooder.  The molassses gives them a little extra boost of nutrition after the long ride in the mail truck.

The chicks will stay warm under the heat lamps and in a few weeks they will be out on pasture enjoying an abundance of bugs, worms, grass and sunshine!


If you have not pre-ordered your chickens and turkeys there's still time!  Click here for our printable order form.


Look for the blog next week for an in depth description of pastured poultry and its benefits to our animals, the earth, and human health!




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