Open Air Chicken Harvest, a Family Affair

This past week we harvested our first batch of 250 "poulet rouge" chickens.  We had a wonderful crew yet again who all put in a very long day.  It really is amazing at the end of a hard day's work to reflect on all of the time, energy, love, and sweat that went into raising these succulent birds.  Looking out at the green pastures toward the hill where Chris and I had our wedding reception we are thankful for the food that these animals will provide to many local families as well as our own. 


Conversations among the crew ran the gamut from weight lifting to travel, but the most poignant converstaion of all was a conversation that started as a joke about the way that large industrial meat processors slaughter chickens.  We all came to the conclusion that although we can't process thousands of birds in a day, we are all sharing in something really special here.  We are completely in tune with our food.  We know where and how it was raised, we have seen and thanked the birds upon their death, and we have lovingly monitered the slaughtering process from start to finish in the open, clean air, amongst friends and family.  What more could we ask for?


Slaughtering any animal is never enjoyable but the chicken harvest day is an experience that we do not loathe but have come to appreciate.  We are more grateful than ever for the food on our table. We thank everyone who helps each time, Jackie for her amazing meals keeping our energy and morale up, family, friends, employees, and young people eager to learn.  We hope that this method of raising and slaughtering chickens catches on and becomes less the exception and more the norm.







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