Family Friendly Farm Tours at Walpole Valley Farms

Fields of green grasses, happy animals roaming on rolling pasture eating what nature intended, this is what you'll see if you visit us at Walpole Valley Farms. We have been holding monthly farm tours of our pasture-based farm since June and will continue until October. 


Are you interested in how a pasture-based farm works?  Have you ever wondered what kind of work goes into this type of farming?  You'll love learning about how the animals work to keep the fields naturally fertilized and how we use movement to keep the farm not only smelling clean and fresh, but to keep the animals happy and healthy.


Children love being on the farm and can get up close and personal with most of our animals.  Walk among the cows and give our Devon bull a rub, he loves people! Have you ever held a chicken or collected a freshly layed egg?  Come take part in some of the chores on the farm.


On your farm tour you'll learn all about pasture farming, the state of the American food system, poultry processing, and so much more. So come visit us on the first Saturday of September or the first Saturday of October for a farm tour that will make you want to come back again and again. (Aside from our regularly scheduled tours we also offer educational tours for school and civic groups).



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