Getting Kids to the Farm

It hit me the other day as our son Sam was listening to a recorded version of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods.  Wilder's vivid tellings of a bygone era when just about everything that everyone ate was either hunted, grown or raised on small homesteads.  Sam's intent listening spurred me to listen as well.  As I washed eggs and listened to her description of life in the 1800's, I realized how much we are doing here that is so similar to her time. Sam loved the story and asked to listen to it over and over. I could tell that he felt a connection to that time and that (here at least) not much has changed in the eyes of a five-year old.  


Of course this led to other thoughts, especially the fact that many kids don't have the opportunity to spend much time on farms or with animals.  Kids today don't see chickens being slaughtered or have to put food up for the winter. The changing of the seasons certainly does not go unnoticed but is of less importance when one can drive to the grocery store to purchase all that is needed to sustain oneself.


Kids need farms.  They need to see them, smell them, feel the warmth of an animal's breath on their skin, they need to get dirty, plant seeds, and harvest what grows.  Getting kids to farms is one of our most important jobs as adults because what is more important than the life giving energy of a farm?  We need children to understand the importance of where our food comes from .


There are so many farms in this area that open their doors to the public with enthusiasm. So if you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends with kids, give them the gift of a farm tour.  Make a day of it and visit numerous farms with different specialties.


In Walpole alone, there are numerous farms that would love to give you a tour and teach you about what they do.  From orchards to vineyards to cheesemakers, we've got it all here.


If you'd like to come stay on the farm or set up a farm tour for you and your family, please don't hesitate to call, we are always happy to show you what we do here on the farm!  

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