Big Love for Local Food

Love is in the air when the Big Love Mexican Diner, a mobile Mexican food establishment, drives into town. Owners Rachel and Dan Kusch just love what they are doing and love supporting local food.  Their business of cooking up healthy, local, fresh food that is easy to eat, quick to assemble, and mobile to boot has become incredibly popular.


Chris's parents came across the purple Mercedes van emblazoned with the Big Love logo while traveling in the Lakes Region. They ordered their food and while waiting, got into a great conversation with one of the owners about Walpole Valley Farms.  Before we knew it Dan and Rachel had put in an order for pasture-raised chickens!  We are thrilled the mobile diner is using our chickens and so happy to see the initiative Rachel and Dan take to keep our food as local as possible.


What a great opportunity to be part of such an innovative and forward-thinking business. Selling our chickens to neighbors like Dan and Rachel speaks volumes to what we, along with so many others, are trying to achieve with the sustainable practices of our farm. We are confident that our chickens we lovingly raise will be lovingly cooked up by Rachel and Dan (watch a great video clip here) who will in turn, spread the message about the importance of  loving local food.


Unfortunately the Big Love van won't be spotted in the Monadnock Region anytime soon but when in the Lakes Region you'll find mouth watering Mexican food in Plymouth, Meredith, Moultonborough, and Sandwich.



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