Where's Our Favorite Place for a Burger in the Monadnock Region?

There you have it. Port Authority Cafe in Keene is our favorite place in the Mondanock Region for a burger (and no it isn't becuase Mark Seidler, owner and chef uses our 100% grass-fed beef) there are many reasons why we love the place. First of all, the menu is expansive and thankfully, very healthy. This is a place where you can get your veggies if you so choose. It's not all about the fries and chips here, you can get a flavorful asian salad with cabbage and toasted sesame oil, Vietnamese sandwiches, noodle bowls, and of course, burgers from lamb and beef to made in-house veggie, there's something for everyone. We also love the atmosphere. Living on the farm we don't see many people so it's nice to sit in front of the large windows and people watch.


I was lucky enough to have a little time to myself last week (a very rare occasion) so while in town for meetings, I decided to stop in to Port Authority Cafe for a bite to eat. Owner Mark Seidler was just about to shut down for his well earned break in between lunch and dinner but had some time to serve me the last lunch of the day. I chose a tea from the cafe's extensive tea menu and made myself comfortable. Mark chatted with me while he cooked, mostly we talked about business both the farm and the restaurant, local foods, the new co-op and so forth but what I remember most about our conversation was how grateful Mark is for his wonderful and loyal cutomers. Mark is admittedly a little quirky and when he's busy he may come across as less forthcoming than the smiling chef I chatted with last week but once you're hooked, you're hooked. At Port Authority Cafe, Mark puts the food first and is eager to please. He would rather have folks wait and come back than have a mediocre meal in his establishment.


So if you have ever found yourself outside the doors of Port Authority Cafe wondering why there is a wait, be patient, the food is amazing, healthy and thoughtful and the grass-fed burger comes from Walpole Valley Farms! You'll love the tea menu, broad lunch and dinner menus and inclusive beer selection.Try it and you'll love it!



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