What's New on the Farm?

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned how we were anticipating a busy spring and I sure was right. Everything seems to have happened so quickly that we joke about how much gets done in one day that it feels like morning was two days ago.


This past week, the cows moved out to pasture and are loving the tasty spring growth out in the fields. They move quickly through the fields to prevent damage to the grass so on their second and third rotations, the grass will be thicker, taller, and more nutritious. Some of our mama cows have calved and the little ones surprised me with how self sufficient they are. Within minutes of being born they are on their feet and feeding off of their mothers. Some were even running around the field, still tripping over their “new” feet.


We recently got a new flock of pullets and they are out in the Eggmobile. They will be moving right behind the cows, spreading out the cow patties, eating fly larvae and other bugs, while having access to new grass every few days.



We have our first batch of broilers out on pasture where they can also enjoy the grass, bugs, and sunshine!


New piglets came in today and went right into the field to meet the pigs we already had. Their snouts almost immediately went to the ground where they nibbled on grass and uprooted the soil so they could eat roots, grubs, and worms.



On another note, the strawberry blossoms are transitioning to sizable berries! The berries are still green but it's getting me excited for fresh strawberries and, soon to follow, Bonnie's delicious strawberry jam. Other seeds are sprouting all over the garden and flowers are starting to bud.



Spring time is so refreshing after the months of cold winter, and it's apparent here on the farm, especially in these past weeks, that it's a time for rebirth and growth.



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    New piglets came in today and went directly into the field to meet the pigs we as of now had. Their noses very quickly went to the ground where they snacked on grass and evacuated the dirt so they could eat roots, grubs, and worms.

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