Heritage Pasture-Raised Pork

What makes our heritage pigs uniquely different is what they eat. Pigs are actually quite good at foraging for their own food if given the chance. We believe that heritage breeds are best suited for this type of environment and we use them exclusively. They don't grow as fast as the common hybrid pigs raised in factories today, but we are rewarded with superior flavor, texture and quality of meat.

By special design, the space that the pigs inhabit is a mixture of open pasture and woodlands. Through the spring and summer, the pigs will consume large amounts of grasses, roots, bark, mushrooms and insects. Pigs are omnivores so they do like to eat animal protein as well. Then in the autumn months, the pigs will be rotated to special paddocks where they can consume acorns, other nuts, more insects and apples. This leads to a truly delicious tasting product that is healthier for us.

This keeps manure concentration minimal, protects the animals naturally through parasite prevention and there is no permanent damage done to the land by massive amounts of rooting with their snouts. We will let them root but only so much not to damage the soil.

Pigs still consume grain and the grain that we provide is a local certified non-GMO feed delivered monthly from a local family farm. All pigs are custom cut at a local USDA licensed facility.


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