Certified GMO-Free Grain

Want the best grain available for your chickens & pigs? We are now selling the same great grain that we use on our farm in 50 lb bags.


It is certified GMO-free and is grown by a Northeast family farmer and his kids (not from the super warehouses in the Midwest)


It is a mash of the very highest quality, non-medicated (no pharmaceuticals) and has supplements added including organic alfalfa and natural Vitamin D3 among many others. It is all you need for your laying hens & pigs!


16% Layer Mash: $19 for a 50 lb bag


16% Hog Grower/Finisher: $30 for 80 lb bag

16% Hog Sow Feed: $30 for 80 lb bag


It is available year-round at the farm store. Come during farm store hours or arrange another time to pick it up.


Contact us for more information.