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A Local Photographer with Local Food as her Muse

It isn't everyday that you get to speak with a truly passionate person, these people are few and far between but when you meet them, you know that they are doing exactly what they love. The passion oozes out of them, is reflected in their work, and shines through their eyes.

We have been lucky enough to meet one of these people and with her lens, she has so beautifully captured the passion that we and many other area farmers carry for working the land. This woman is Kimberly Peck, local photographer with a love of natural light and our region's beautiful farms. You may recognize her work as it's been featured all over the Mondadnock Region in the Monadnock Table Magazine, the posters at the Monadnock Food Co-op, advertising for Monadnock Buy Local, as well as many other publications, local and beyond.

Kim's work clearly translates to the viewer not only her passion but the important work of our farmers. Until somewhat recently, people didn't even know what the faces behind the meats and veggies that they buy at the co-op look like; Kim is changing that. Through her gorgeous photography and her photo essays (one was just published in the Summer issue of Local Table) Kim is inspiring people to find out more about the food that we consume, to really look behind the scenes and to taste the abundance of local flavors growing right here in our peaceful region.

You can find Kim's wonderful book at many local area businesses including the Monadnock Food Co-op and here at our farm store. The recipes are from Sarah at Mayfair Farm and the photographs illustrate what an amazing local foods economy we have growing here in this area.

See you soon!


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