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Goodbye, Interns!

Here in the valley time moves fast as the summer rolls on. The animals are turning grass into thick muscle and beautiful fat, the trees are heavy with fruit in the pig paddock, and the gardens are overflowing with amazing food.The season started slowly but now like a runaway train, is barreling toward its end.

This bittersweet time always creeps up on us. This is the busy time but sadly is also a time when we must say goodbye to our summer interns. We reflect on the work that each of them has put in on the farm, how they have helped our farm grow, what knowledge we have passed on to them, how they were chosen in the first place and how it worked out.

This summer has been a great one. We've had the good fortune of the company of three wonderful young women who worked the land with us this season, who gave it their all and who will all be extremely successful at anything they choose to do.

Having interns has been an interesting and humbling experience. Having to share your home, meals, and lives with strangers doesn't appeal to everyone, that's for sure, but we feel that each summer gets better and we tweak systems, living arrangements and expectations based on our experiences. Overall I have to say that it is refreshing to be around young people who have so much energy, stamina, and willingness to learn.

We will miss Aidan, Heather and Julia and hope that they will take this farm experience and the practical knowledge that they have gained and do wonderful, amazing things!


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