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Jam Jam Thank You Mam!

The fruit is here! This past week the raspberries ripened and are so abundant that they can't be eaten in just one sitting. Living in New England we only get this delicious nature's candy once per year, so we gorge ourselves when we can and save the rest in jars as jam. We have strawberries growing inside a high tunnel and also outside so we were able to make quite a bit of strawberry jam this season as well.

Jam is one of those treats that I don't indulge in much but who can so no to a slice of buttery toast with local, homemade jam on top? I sure can't and my favorite time to eat it is in the dead of winter. At every bite I think back to the heat of the summer and the thorns of the raspberry vines that we curse at the time but give us bountiful, delicious food to savor that I am oh so thankful for.

So in the spirit of preserving the harvest, we made more jam than the three families here on the farm can eat. So if you are crazy about jam or know someone who is, we've got you covered. We stocked the farm store with both Three Berry Jam and Strawberry Jam and we also had so much rhubarb and ginger that we have a wonderful compote to go with our pasture-raised pork. Oh and we never, ever use any sprays or synthetic fertilizers on our fruits and veggies...clean, safe and nutritious!

See you soon on the farm and enjoy the season's bounty!


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