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Plaid Friday

Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving has been, for years now, termed the "busiest shopping day of the year."  The term has many origins but the most important one to businesses is moving from the "red" into the "black" or turning a profit. Over the past ten years we have seen an increased number of large national chains advertising earlier and earlier for "Black Friday Savings."  Along with all the hype often comes violence and for many people, a feeling of obligation to shop on this day. It doesn't have to be this way.

So why "Plaid Friday" you ask? The spirit of Plaid Friday is supporting the unique diversity of local businesses, and bringing community back to our shopping experience, hence the use of plaid and not simply one color.  So if you must shop on the day after Thanksgiving, make it local.  Support our local businesses and our local economy.  Holiday shopping should be fun!

Both the Inn at Valley Farms and Walpole Valley Farms are hubs for the Plaid Friday event.  Our farm store will be open from 10am - 3pm and we will have all of our delectable farm products including gift certificates to our farm store and maple syrup made with sap from maples on the farm.

We will be offering hot samples of some of our farm products and the first five people to come to the store will receive a certificate for a free farm tour! We'll be ready to snap your picture if you come sporting your plaid attire in support of the event.


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