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Walpole Valley Farms Meat Heads North for a Black-Tie Event

Growing a small business is like tending to a seedling, a little water, a little love and eventually that seed starts to take off. The farm started off small but is slowly growing all the time thanks to the love and little bits of business that give it the fuel that it needs to keep growing. Well the seedling just got an infusion of Miracle Grow.

About two weeks ago we received a call from New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection's Charlie Burke. Burke works closely with restaurants and food establishments in the state and tries his hardest to make connections between chefs and farmers. He was recently asked to help put together a local foods menu for our new governor, Maggie Hassan's Northcountry Inaugural Ball. Mr. Burke informed us (here's where the Miracle Grow comes in) that they would very much like to see our pasture-rasied chicken on the menu!!

Governor Hassan has been very specific about what she wants to see on the menu for the ball.  Her stipulation: local foods raised right here in New Hampshire. So along with producers of fresh vegetables, butter and beef and fish from our New Hampshire coast and lakes, our chicken will be highlighted on that very special night this week.

The connection with Charlie Burke has already come in handy with several restaurants calling the farm asking about what we produce and how they can get it.  We thank forward-thinking people like Governor Hassan who are actively making strong statements with the food choices that they make. When public officials, celebrities and people that we look up to make the choice to eat local food, the entire movement takes on a whole new shape and is propelled further into the public eye.

Maybe someday soon local food will be the norm and not the exception but until then we can thank all of the amazing coordinators, farmers, chefs and foodies who are making this food movement so strong. So thank you to Govorner Hassan and Charlie Burke for giving Walpole Valley Farms a little Miracle Grow this winter. Our seedling is on its way to becoming a full grown plant.

Oh and we'll be sure to find out how the chef at the Mt. Washington prepared our chickens!!


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