Recipes & Handouts

Something is Brewing at the Barn...A Halloween Party
postcard-something is brewing 2016.pdf
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WVF Movie Nights at the Barn
Click here for the Summer Movie Night Schedule
Movie Nights at The Barn.pdf
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WVF Farm Brochure
A little about our farm and how we do things.
WVF Farm Brochure.pdf
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100% Grass-Fed Beef Cooking Suggestions
Information regarding specific cuts of beef & how to cook them.
100% Grass-fed Beef Cooking Suggestions.
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A Few of Our Favorite Chicken Recipes
WVF Favorite Chicken Recipes.pdf
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Walpole Valley Farms Swedish Meatballs
Bonnie's Swedish Meatballs.pdf
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Walpole Valley Farms Pulled Chicken
Maria's Pulled Chicken.pdf
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How to Cut up a Chicken
These are step-by-step instructions on how to cut up a chicken into usable parts.
How to cut up a whole chicken.pdf
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Turkey Preparation, Brining & Cooking Suggestions
Here is some information on how to prepare your turkey.
Turkey Brining & Cooking Suggestions.pdf
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About Your Turkey
This describes how we raise our turkeys.
About Your Pasture-raised Turkey.pdf
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