Home Delivery

Delicious Farm-raised food

delivered right to your door!



1. Choose what you want and place an order from our online farm store.

2. We send you a completed invoice a day before your delivery date. Pay for your order online with a credit card.

3. Leave a cooler outside at your home or work, wherever you would like delivery. We deliver ourselves and will put your order into your cooler.


Delivery Frequency: Delivery dates varies but is generally weekly. Order only when you want.
Automatic Delivery: Choose what you want and how often you want it and we will bring it to you. No need to order repeatedly. We will send you an automatic invoice a few days before your scheduled delivery.
Delivery Area: Currently we deliver to the Keene and Hanover/Lebanon Areas only. See maps here.
What foods are available? 


  • $25 minimum order.

  • Most prices are approximate values, because package sizes can be different. When you place an order, estimated totals will appear in your cart. Your final completed invoice will be emailed to you before your delivery where you can pay for your order online with a credit card.

  • A flat delivery fee of $5.95 will apply to cover some of our fuel and labor expenses.

  • All meat is individually vacuum sealed and delivered frozen. Your cooler should easily keep meat frozen for 6 hours until you get home.