Pasture-Raised Eggs: Golden Yolks

We raise laying hens year-round. From May-October they live in a mobile hen house moved to a new large section of fresh pasture every few days on a yearly rotation. This management technique ensures that they have plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and more importantly, encourages them to consume all sorts of bugs, worms, crickets and grasshoppers. Laying hens are great foragers and have incredible eyesight.

Since chickens are omnivores, and not vegetarians, animal protein in their diet is essential. In this pasture-based system, the birds consume large amounts of natural animal protein.

In addition to their natural diet, the grain they receive is from a local family farm in New York State. They use only non-GMO seed and fertilize as naturally as possible. We hand mix in vital minerals & nutrients to make a complete ration. A properly fed hen lays a healthy delicious egg!

In the fall of the year, our hens move into a hoophouse for the winter, where warm days prevail. We do this for a variety of reasons. First, with a natural, living floor with added woodchips and shavings, the chickens continue to scratch at the ground for bugs. Second, the warmth the greenhouse provides is much better than being inside a cold, dark barn. With plenty of natural sunlight, these chickens are even getting their daily dose of vitamin D throughout the winter. We also supplement with green material and natural animal protein such as suet from our own animals.


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