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Real. Food. Local. Trustworthy.

Family Farming in Walpole, New Hampshire Since 2006


Grass-Fed Beef

You will get 100% grass fed and finished beef from any of our beef products. We give our cows a green open pasture for them to roam. No hormones, no antibiotics, no grain ever, just grass, hay, and minerals.

Pasture Raised Chicken

We pride ourselves on giving our chickens the ability to cluck and crow! We move them daily to new paddocks. You will never find us giving these animals anything they wouldn't find in nature. Order ground, boneless, necks, broth, hearts, feet, and more!

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Pasture Raised Pork

Our pigs are woodlands raised to give them the ability to forage for natural sources of foods. They are fed with certified GMO-free grain and are never given hormones or antibiotics. Their diet gives them superior flavor and texture.

Pasture Raised Turkey

Whole, ground, boneless, liver, wings, and more! Our turkeys eat their natural diet and are fed certified GMO-free grain. We never add hormones or antibiotics. 


Subscribe & Save Boxes

Get all the essentials in one box! Box categories include grilling meat, ground meat, lean meat, sausage sampler, pork specialties, and more!


Convenient Pickup and Delivery to Brattleboro!

Getting the best quality meats that you can trust is now easier than ever! Choose from local home delivery to Brattleboro, UPS delivery, or pickup at the farm located just 30 minutes from the center of Brattleboro.


Know Your Farmer

Chris and Caitlin Caserta have been farming in beautiful southern New Hampshire since 2006.


It all started with raising chickens for family and friends. It was then we rediscovered how food was meant to taste.


With that our mission was born! To humanely and sustainably raise meat of the highest quality while increasing the health and vitality of the land's soil.

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