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Meet the team!



 General Manager

Former financial planner turned farmer, Chris is passionate about food and how it's raised. Recently the dream of opening up a restaurant became a reality when he and Caitlin opened The Hungry Diner, a farm to table eatery just five miles from the farm. When Chris has some free time, he loves spending it with his boys, fly fishing, skiing, traveling, and fermentation. Chris knows a lot about a lot of things and is always up for a great conversation!



Owner & Jam Maker

Bonnie and Charlie purchased the farm in 1998 and restored it to its present glory. A retired financial planner, Bonnie likes to keep busy. While she's not directly farming, she makes homemade jams, pickled eggs and desserts for The Hungry Diner. An amazing cook and baker, Bonnie spends much of her free time trying new recipes and being with her grandchildren. Bonnie loves antiques, travel, and learning about anything and everything.



 Marketing Director

Caitlin taught high school French before she and Chris started the farm in 2006. A love of food and natural health was the driver for raising food, and Caitlin continues to be extremely interested in natural living and food systems. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys spending time with her boys, hiking, skiing, photography, travel, natural wine, and learning languages. Caitlin serves on the board of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.



Owner & Delivery Manager

Charles and Bonnie have put so much work into restoring this farm over the years due to a love of old New England buildings and preserving history. Charles is always willing to run here or there for us when a delivery needs to be made or liverwurst needs picking up! Retired from financial planning, the farm and grandparenting keep him busy these days. Charles enjoys reading about history, attending baseball games with Chris and the boys, and antiques.

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