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Farming and the Law of Attraction

Albert Einstein understood the law of attraction, basically the notion that what you feel you attract, what you think you create, and what you imagine you become. He believed that if you expect bad things to happen, they will, if you expect great surprises in life and expect life to be easy and filled with joy, it will be. I like his thinking.

I think of Albert's quote on the left quite often. I think of farming and how difficult it is sometimes. I think of the nights when I have to trudge through mud, snow, rain, thunderstorms or even hailstorms to care for our animals. I think of predators hungrily waiting in the trees surrounding the farm and I think of broken farm equipment.

All of this sounds so negative. Who would want to do this job? Who would want to deal with so much potential negativity? Then I think about what I want from all of this. I think of what I'm getting out of this experience. I think of my body working, being used for what it was meant for. I think of all of the positive that rises from what many see as negative, and I grow.

My point for all of this is that we need to stay positive, we need to put our blessings over our burdens. In farming, it is extremely important to stay positive. Things don't always go as planned, the weather doesn't always cooperate and we don't always have good years. We are the architects of our destiny so we need to envision a clean, successful farm and hopefully if Albert is right on, that's what we will get! We raise good meat because we expect that how we are raising our animals will yield a delicious product. We surround ourselves with positive people therefore we are positive and are lucky enough to be outside everyday so we are able to find beauty in everyday things. Regardless of your profession, living with the law of attraction in mind could help you through your day and especially through times of difficulty. As Rumi said "What you seek is seeking you."


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