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Want to Raise Your Own Laying Hens?

By Cait

If you like to frequent garden centers and feed stores like me, you're well aware of the irresistible chirps of the chicks that temporarily reside in them this time of year. As a chicken lover, it's hard not to want to take them all home and tuck their fluffy little bodies into the brooder and watch them grow. But wait, hold up a second! Egg laying chicks born in springtime won't start laying eggs until almost winter! So what's a chicken loving egg eater to do when I want my own fresh eggs now?

Get some ready-to-lay hens from Walpole Valley Farms! We cooperate with a number of New England pasture-based farmers to buy these hens in large quantities so that we can control their feed (non-GMO), and their treatment and stock density levels in the coops. Ready-to-lay hens are typically de-beaked which we do not agree with. With the bulk buy, we farmers are able to dictate to the hatchery that we want beaks intact; better for the bird and better for their pecking ability in your backyard (less ticks...yay)!

Our ready-to-lay hens will be arriving at our farm right around the first of May. You can visit our page for more details on pricing and pick-up. Want to save a little money with older hens? We have one year old hens coming out of our flock that will continue laying beautiful eggs for quite some time. Need grain for your new flock? We sell our non-GMO grain by the 50 pound bag. These are the same hens that we raise here in our pasture-based system and we hope that you'll love them as much as we do!

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