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Garden and Farm Store Update

So if you haven't been into the farm store recently, our chicken freezers are stocked full of whole pasture raised chickens and packaged chicken parts again. Chicken harvest started in mid-June, so anything from boneless chicken breasts, to thighs, drumsticks, wings, necks, and even feet are back for sale! We have plenty of pet food made from 100% ground chicken which all of the dogs and cats here on the farm can't get enough of. If you prefer fresh chickens, please give us a call or send us an email to make an appointment to come pick some up on Wednesdays after 3:30 pm. Fresh birds picked up on processing day are offered at $.50 per pound discount. Brand new hot dogs just arrived a few weeks ago with a new recipe and now that grilling season is in full swing, be sure to give them a try! If you haven't tried our French Andouille sausage or our Garlic Parmesan sausage, be sure to pick up a package of each, they have been a recent favorite here on the farm. Our sausages and hot dogs are always nitrate and nitrite free.

Although the strawberries are starting to slow down, we will still have vegetables that will be available in the farm store sporadically.  All of the fruits and vegetables that we grow here are grown in no-till gardens without the use of any sprays of any kind and we use organic and heirloom seeds almost exclusively. Melons of all kinds have been planted and hopefully by the end of August we will have plenty to sell in the farm store! For the rest of the garden, the potatoes are growing rapidly along with garlic that was planted in the fall. Kale, broccoli, celery, cabbage, carrots, peas, onions, beans, and so much more are really starting to take off. Keep an eye out in the farm store and maybe your favorites will make their way in!

We hope to see you soon so you can try some of our new products!


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