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Happy Near Year

Welcome 2012!  Here on the farm we like to think about all of the positive things that have happened over the course of the year.  We learned so much in 2011 and will no doubt learn so much more this year.  We had our ups and downs, ins and outs but all in all we had a great year.

Some of the highlights of the year were raising lambs for the first time (and completely on grass!), truly pasturing our pigs which meant that they had full access to all of the fields and all of the goodies out there, having eight new calves fathered by our Devon bull for the first time, and learning to manage employees as young entrepreneurs.

We opened up our farm store in 2011 and have enjoyed the constant contact with our customers and the luxury of having the products to sell right here on the farm. We held over a dozen farm tours this season to school groups and the public and learned what works for each age group.  The inn and farm hosted the Feast on This film festival which was a great success and brought awareness to many about the importance of our local food system.

Chris and I have a couple of farm conferences to attend this month and we always come back from them with fresh ideas and a renewed perspective on exactly what we are striving for on the farm.  The cold air will clear the mind for 2012 farm planning and before we know it it will be spring again and the animals will be grazing once more.

Since the holidays both fell on Saturdays, our farm store was closed the past two weeks.  We are open again this Saturday and can't wait to see you.  We just got pork back and we will have lamb in two weeks.

Happy 2012!


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