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Is The Paleo Lifestyle Right For You?

We all want to live long, healthy lives free of chronic pain and inflammation, this really can't be debated. We are constantly bombarded with information in the media that tells us one week that a food is healthy for us and the next thing we know that same food is considered taboo due to its associated health risks. What's a human to do? We need to eat, we want to enjoy our food free of guilt and we want to eat foods that taste good. We have finally found an eating lifestyle that works for us that leaves us feeling satiated and not wanting more.

Over the past eight years or so Chris and I have been on a mission to beat inflammation, treat Lyme disease naturally, and feel our best. We have tried everything from cutting out gluten to the GAPS diet to heal our guts and move on from pesky skin issues, bloating, lack of energy and more. We decided to cut out all grains and sugars (for the most part) and follow a paleo diet.  So what is the paleo diet you may ask? The diet is more of a lifestyle and means staying away from grains, dairy, sugar, starches, legumes, alcohol and processed foods. The foods that are recommended are pasture-raised meats, seafood, nuts and seeds, healthy fats and lots of vegetables and low-sugar fruits. The paleo diet, short for Paleolithic and sometimes referred to as the caveman diet, is based on the theory that modern humans are not evolved to eat the products of an industrialized food system and that it is these foods that are causing chronic illnesses, cancers and degenerative diseases. It makes sense that our metabolisms have not been able to catch up to modern farming and the availability of so many sugars, starches and carbohydrates.

We certainly indulge in non-paleo friendly treats from time to time, especially in social situations but most days we stick to meals of vegetables and pasture-raised meats and eggs from our farm. Eating this way has worked for us and we are not only feeling leaner with more muscle mass and less fat, but we have also noticed that the perpetual brain fog that we were living under has been lifted and we are much more productive.

Luckily, living here on the farm has been perfect for carrying out the paleo lifestyle, we have access to the amazing meats and eggs that we raise and we get plenty of fresh air and exercise. We have many customers who follow the paleo diet and rely on the healthy meats that we raise to keep them in the best shape possible. So is the paleo lifestyle right for you? We love to talk about it so come by the farm store and chat with us!


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