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It's (Pasture-Raised) Turkey Time!!

Believe it or not turkey time is now. Thanksgiving seems very  far off into the future, especially with the humid weather we've been having, but when it comes to topping off your holiday table with a pasture-raised turkey from a local farm, now is the time to put in your order.

So what's the difference between a pasture-raised turkey and a conventional one? Well for one, pasture-raised turkeys, you named it, live on pasture and eat what is available to them on the land such as grass, bugs, worms, grubs, etc. In a conventional model, turkeys typically do not live outside but inside barns with concrete floors, automatic feeders, and no access to the outdoors. Most pasture-raised poultry also get some grain but their diets are rich in animal protein (from the bugs and worms) and grasses which lends a totally different (and in my opinion tastier) flavor to the meat.  The conventionally raised birds living inside are eating grain and grain alone and may be crowded unlike their pasture-raised counterparts.

So if you're looking for a humanely raised and pastured turkey to highlight your holiday table this year, look no further than a Walpole Valley Farms pasture-raised turkey. Come on over some Saturday during our store hoursand take a visit to see them for yourself.  Our turkeys sell out every year so make sure to get your order in soon, we'd love to be part of your special meal! Order yours today!


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