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Miss Anonymous

When you come visit the farm, one of the first animals you are likely to be greeted by are actually our barn cats. There are four of them, and they tend to hang around in the entryway. They are all very friendly, and love attention.

Recently we've had a new addition to our barn cat family. The kitten of our only female cat, a little black and white ball of fluff that you may catch a glimpse of running around. The newest addition's name is Anonymous, and boy is she cute! She has recently starting spending her nights outside and is assimilating well into the barn cat lifestyle. She has already befriended the other cats, and in the morning when I feed them she's there, ready to get a snack. The inn guests love her, and she's a hit at movie night.

So next time you're here take a minute to look for her. She might be in a tree, sleeping on the porch chair, or running around the front yard, but she's sure to bring a smile to your face when you spot her!

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