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Planning, Planning, Planning

Not too much has been going on in the gardens lately due to the snow and cold temperatures but soon that will change. The transition from planning gardens to planting seeds is happening within the next few weeks. In order to feel prepared to start planting, I have been spending countless hours designing new vegetable and herb gardens by drawing them by hand and by using a virtual garden planner. Through my own experience and from talking to other farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders garden designs need to be based around plant preferences. This includes the amount of sunlight they receive, soil contents, how moist the ground is, companion planting, and so many more. I've been trying to organize succession planting through the gardens while still keeping the plants' preferences in mind. Learning from books, the internet, and from others has really helped me along the way and although I don't mind the break from weeding and watering, I'm looking forward to being able to plant some seeds in the high tunnel so we can all eat some fresh veggies again!

This is one of my quick run throughs on my virtual garden planner above.


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