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Starting Anew

As I sit down to write this blog, I gaze out of the window to see perpetually snow covered fields. For us the snow has been a bit of a blessing this year. The cold weather and the covered landscape has forced us to stay in and for Chris, it has forced him to concentrate on healing. This winter certainly has been an interesting one, we really needed the proverbial village just to hang on to any semblance of our lives before Chris's accident.

The community of Walpole and the Monadnock and Fall Mountain areas have amazed us with their support. It was difficut at first to accept help from anyone, but the more we realized the severity of Chris's injuries, the more we knew we needed it. Chris and I are very independent people, we take pride in getting things done ourselves so accepting so much help from our community and our family and friends was a big deal for us. We now realize more than ever the importance of lending a hand. We are grateful for this lesson and will be eternally changed by it.

As for healing, Chris is doing very well. He celebrated his 40th birthday on the 23rd with friends, a plan that he wasn't sure he'd be able to follow through on. Although he can't perform much physical labor at the moment, he is up and about and looks really great considering the healing that is still taking place on the inside.

None of us will ever know the pain and trauma that Chris endured. The shock of the day will be with everyone who was present that day for some time to come. We are feeling blessed every day that we are surrounded by friends and family and couldn't ask for a more loving community. Thank you all for the love and support you have shown us over these past couple of months. You'll start to see more of Chris in the days to come, the farm is getting busy and the season is upon us! So here here to starting anew, this is a glorius life.


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