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The Art of Healing

I titled this blog "The Art of Healing" because I truly believe that there is an art to becoming well again, whether it be after an accident or an illness.  It's been just over two years since Chris had a near fatal accident on our farm and I have to say, it hasn't been easy. It's amazing the outpouring of support we saw from our community and we are ever so grateful for that; we are continuously in awe by the goodness that we see all around us. 

Chris is doing very well but as many know, healing takes a long time; it's sluggish, it ebbs and it flows, and sometimes it seems to halt in its tracks. Getting well again is not as simple as taking a pill and calling it a day, there are good days and bad, great weeks and horrible weeks. Getting well, at least for our family, has meant changing the way that we work, parent, eat, and socialize. We feel that so many of the changes that we've had to make in our lives have taken us out of our comfort zone but in the end, have helped us to grow and heal as a family. We used to homeschool our kids here on the farm but decided to send them to the school in town so that we can have quiet time in the home where we work. This HUGE transition has gone fairly well and we have been able to devote more time to the business behind the scenes, and the lack of noise in the house has created a peaceful place for Chris to rest.

Head injuries are tricky and with damage to the frontal lobe, Chris has had to deal with personality changes, emotional distress, damage to sense of smell and taste, and memory issues. This sounds awful but surrounding ourselves with caring friends and family has really helped ease these issues. Socialization used to be difficult for us due to the busy schedule on the farm, but now we make a point to be with friends who lift our spirits and keep us out of the isolation that could be easy to succumb to in this sort of situation.

More than ever before we practice mindfulness. Through meditation and exercise, Chris has been able to keep PTSD in check. We never used to have a routine with exercise and meditation but we have found now that without practicing these on a daily basis, healing seems to slow down and emotions can get in the way of everyday activities.

Food has been a huge component of this healing journey. How lucky we are to live on this farm with all of these amazing pasture-raised products to keep our minds and bodies healthy and strong! We make chicken stock weekly and sip it to build up our bodies and immune systems. The vegetables that we grow here in this nutrient rich soil feeds our bodies and nourishes us from the inside out. We've had to largely cut out sugar and many grains in order to speed up the healing process and it seems to be really helping.

All in all, the future is looking bright for Chris and the rest of us. By combining healthy socialization, healthy eating, exercise, meditation, a positive attitude and quiet time, Chris is on a sure path to recovery. The art of it all lies in the combination of these things to create a sound body and mind. We have found that good can come out of trauma. We are aware of so much more these days and every day is a blessing to be grateful for. We realize that we are only here for a short time in the grand scheme of things, so we hope to leave our mark while we're around. We thank you all for your continued warm thoughts for our family.


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