100% Grass-Fed Beef

A grass-fed steer
A grass-fed steer

At Walpole Valley Farms, we care about our animals and the environment. We holistically manage our cattle, moving them often to new paddocks of fresh pasture depending on the seasons, grasses, and soil fertility needs. This method ensures a healthy diet for the cattle while also increasing fertility and organic matter in the soil. This leads to higher quality grasses and therefore higher quality meats.


Cattle are herbivores, or ruminant animals, designed to eat grasses and plants but not grains. Our cattle consume only grasses, hay and minerals for their entire lives.  We don't even use grain to "train" animals for easier handling.
Studies have shown that 100% Grass-fed beef is lower in fat, cholesterol and calories, and higher in most nutrients and minerals. Read more here: www.eatwild.com & here's a great article discussing grazing grass-fed cattle and the environmental benefits: https://sustainabledish.com/make-america-graze/


100% Grass-fed beef is healthier and it tastes better too! The proof is in the pudding. With prevention techniques, careful planning and management on pasture, we find there is no need to administer antibiotics. Cattle never receive harsh synthetic wormers, hormones, or stimulants, making the beef much healthier for your family. After all, we are what the animals eat. When they are ready, the cattle are processed as close to Walpole as possible in order to reduce stress on the animal.


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