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Blossoming Strawberries

Warmer temperatures means that strawberries are almost here! Just a few days ago, I noticed these beauties blossoming and of course I was excited. Strawberry plants require a good deal of work to keep them happy. I have spent countless hours preparing these plants for the spring and spring is finally here!

Each plant needs adequate water, sunlight, and nutrients. I poured our cows' aged manure compost around the base, or crown, of each plant making sure it did not smother it. It is important to allow some air flow to the crown as to prevent any excess moisture that could cause the entire plant to rot and die. I layered some straw around each plant after that so that the soil could retain the moisture and so the straw can wick a little bit of excess moisture from the crown. Over winter the plants went into their form of hibernation but now that the temperatures are warm and the sun is getting stronger, all of those stored nutrients are helping the plants grow big and strong. With the emergence of flowers means that they need to be pollinated by bees, insects, and other pollinators before turning into those sweet ruby fruits. Strawberries take approximately four to five weeks to fully ripen so hopefully by the middle of May we should be selling our very own no spray, no till strawberries!


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