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Farm Life Today

Greetings from Walpole Valley Farms! How are you all hanging in during this most interesting and important time in our history? What does life look like at your house right now?

Here on the farm, we're working hard to continue to supply you with the pasture-raised meats and eggs that you love. We as farmers are no strangers to social distancing, so that part hasn't been overly difficult for us. We feel extremely blessed to be living on a farm where the kids have plenty of space to run and play, it's hard to imagine what it must be like to be a kid in the cities right now!

In the farmhouse, our two boys are remote-learning and Chris and I are managing the inn, farm, and restaurant from our computers and phones. We're busier than ever but also trying to slow down and take this time to enjoy our family, learn some new card games, and teach the boys the importance of self-care at times like these. The house is a mess but we're together.

We celebrated Chris's birthday yesterday and since it was snowing, it was a perfect excuse to keep the restaurant closed, bake a cake together, and cuddle up and watch a movie. We cooked some chicken wings from the farm and ate homemade soup left from the Diner. While this forced slow down is hard and will be financially ruinous for many small businesses, including our restaurant, we have hope for what lies ahead. Stay positive everyone and eat well!


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Speaking of farm life, have you ever considered selling well seasoned manure to folks for their gardens?

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