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Farmers' Market Season

The Farmers' market season is in full swing and there really is something for everyone at the Walpole Farmers' Market.  While sitting at our table at the market yesterday in the stifling heat, I realized how lucky I am to live in a town that has numerous farms and artisans.  The gorgeous setting of the market certainly makes for a pleasureable, open-air shopping experience where patrons are encouraged to smell, touch and even taste much of what is offered.

When walking toward the common on Fridays locals have come to expect wonderful smells and happy children playing under the ancient pine.  The cow bell, typically rung by one of the farm kids signifying the start and finish of the market is a quaint reminder of our agricultural past.  Luckily you can do just about all of your shopping for the week at the market.  Vendors from all over the area bring their wares and many offer samples such as local farmstead cheese, artisnal breads, maple cream, and bread and butter pickles.  Shoppers can also eat dinner and dessert at the market with choices including sushi, burgers, gelato and freshly made canolis. As for the grocery list, shoppers can expect to find both organic and conventional produce, cheese, milk, eggs, meats, berries and other fruits, wine, and pickles at all price points.

Farmers' markets are not only for organic or natural products which some believe to be the case.  The Walpole Farmers' Market along with many other markets encourage all farmers whether conventional, natural, organic or otherwise to be represented at the market. This market truly is like an outdoor grocery store offering the freshest possible food so don't hesitate, get down to the common next Friday, enjoy the fresh air, get to know your farmers and support local agriculture!

Farmers' markets are more than just a place for farmers to sell their products, they build community, support the local economy and provide farmers and consumers the opportunity to form relationships. Farmers can do better when they sell directly to consumers and consumers can learn a lot from talking with their farmers so a thriving market is a win-win for the entire community.

You can find us at the Walpole Farmers' Market each Friday from 4-6pm on the common.  We also have farm store hours every Wednesday from 3-6pm and each Saturday from 10am-3pm and always by appointment.

See you at the market!


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