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Farms are Essential

Uncertain times call for an infallible work ethic and a deep desire to forge ahead. Farmers have been dealing with "uncertain" times since the beginning of agriculture. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature minute to minute, and in more recent times, fluctuations in oil and grain prices. We are strong people with a connection to our land and our communities and never did we question stepping up and being available to our community at this difficult time, it's what farmers do, it's in our veins, and we feel prouder than ever to be here providing healthy food for so many. We are proud to be essential.

We are amazed to see so many new faces at our Farm Store! Many folks are putting in orders for curbside pick-up or home delivery and it gives us hope that the general public will see our region as one blessed with so many farms, farms that they never realized were there. Local agriculture is more important than ever. With the supply chain disrupted by this virus, more people are realizing just how delicate our food system is and having access to food from where you live is necessary. The bumper sticker you've undoubtedly seen around, "No Farms, No Food" is starting to become more real as we see empty shelves at area grocery stores.

Going back to "normal" after all of this is not likely going to happen. So many people are waking up to what really matters in this life. Food is life and life is food and the positive changes that people are making in their lives when it comes to food is exciting. People are starting gardens for the first time ever, we sold out of ALL of our ready-to-lay hens without much effort, and people are spending more money on healthy food than meaningless material objects that eventually end up in landfills. Health is wealth.


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That’s what I’ve been saying too! The positive part of this virus is that people are seeking out their local farms more than ever! My hope is they will realize how far superior your food is, in every way to the store bought food they’ve eaten for so long.

Me gusta
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