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Shop Plaid not Black this Season!

Yes, that's us, looks like we're the official spokespeople for the Monadnock Buy Localsponsored Plaid Friday again this year! If you haven't heard of Plaid Friday here's a quick synopsis of what it's all about.

Plaid Friday was conceptualized in Oakland, California a handful of years back as a way to bring more attention to shopping local and indepedently owned shops for the holidays. Oakland is known to have  stong buy local campaigns but they took it to the next level plastering the area with Plaid Friday posters before the holidays thus bringing in lots more business to non-box store shops. The idea took off and is now being implemented across the country. The Monadnock Region has been participating for a few years now and the results have been very positive.

So why plaid? Take a look at tartan fabric and you'll notice many threads woven together, different colors crossing over one other to make a strong cloth, each one different. This strong, diverse fabric symbolizes the individuality and creativity of small local and independently owned businesses that make our communities so robust. Unlike the box stores, there's something different to discover in each tartan or in this case shop.

So this year, think about shifting your shopping, buy local and independently owned for the holidays. A little goes a long way to keeping money in our communities and making them stonger.

This year Walpole Valley Farms and The Inn at Valley Farms are both hubs for Plaid Friday and we'll have lots of wonderful gift ideas such as gift certificates for our pasture-raised meats, handmade wreaths and kissing balls, homemade pies, homemade jams and jellies, bags, organic cotton t-shirts, maple syrup and so much more! We'll be open in our farm store from 10-4 on Friday so please stop in and see us and don't forget to wear PLAID!


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