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Smoked Meats

With all of the meat that we raise here on the farm, we are always trying new ways of cooking it. We love to grill steaks, roast a chicken, or pan fry some burgers but our favorite method of enjoying our pasture-raised and grass-fed meats is to smoke them.  For years and years Chris has used a Weber kettle grill with much success but he's been really wanting to upgrade to a big smoker.

Chris had his birthday a week ago and yesterday a package arrived from a relative and guess what it was?? A smoker!!

Chris was beyond excited and couldn't wait to put it together and get it going.  So it looks like there will be a lot more smoking going on here on the farm.

Certainly we can't eat smoked meats every day but we find that cooking this meat at a nice low temperature for a long time not only lends a delicious flavor to the meat but keeps it tender and juicy as well. Chris has experimented with many kinds of wood over the years but the favorite has been apple wood from the apple trees that grow right across the hill at Alyson's Orchard.

I wonder what we'll smoke for dinner tonight?


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