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Spring Chicks

The annual chick arrival is always a highly anticipated event for everyone on the farm, young and old. For us, there isn't anything else like hearing the chirps of hundreds of little fluff balls in the brooder. The chicks signify the start to the farming season, the promise of warmer temperatures, longer days, sweat, and hard work.  As we come out of the dark days of winter, these chicks are a reminder of what goes into this place, the food that we raise for our community, the changing of the seasons, and the cyclical nature of life on the farm.

Recently we started an Instagram account for the farm. Of course, following other like-minded farmers on this social media platform is a given, and I must say that it has opened my eyes to the timing of things, that we're not alone in our mission to raise clean food, and that people really do care about their food....a lot! Seeing other farms across the country post photos and videos about chicks and what it means for the start of a new season is so comforting. Sometimes when you're on a farm day to day, you feel a bit as though you're alone on an island, raising this healthy food for people but not always knowing how it is received, what people think of when they bite into something that is raised locally with care and love. We are not alone in this plight and you are not alone for choosing to eat food that is raised in this way.

As the days go on and the light lingers, our muscles sore and our bodies covered in dirt, we remember how important this work is and that each season is a just a snapshot in time, and we are never, ever alone.

Check out our Instagram page, walpolevalleyfarms.


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