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Supporting Freedom for Family Farms

One item that was on our to do list when the new year arrived was to join the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. With all of the recent assaults on small farms, raw milk, and food sovereignty we decided it was time to show our support for a brave and necessary organization.

We first heard about the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund from Joel Salatin while hearing him speak at a conference last year. If you know our farm at all, you know that we put a great deal of confidence in Joel and his opinions about farming and life. Now Joel is not one to endorse many products or try to sell anything (other than his farm products, books and farming methods of course) so when he said that it was worthy becoming a member of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, we listened.

The fund is a non-profit organization whose clear mission is to (quoted from the fund's website):

Now since we process poultry on the farm and sell directly to you our customers, we felt it necessary and dutiful to join this year.

Family farms should continue to be an integral part of our great nation's food system and it seems that more and more, small farms are struggling just to make it.  Keeping the playing field even between large and small farms, letting consumers decide whether or not they want to consume raw milk or farm-processed poultry, and keeping our rural landscapes dotted with farms is so important to our future.

You too can join the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund as a consumer member and support small farms and your right to buy foods directly from your farmers.

And on a lighter note...check out this funny clip about local food!


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