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Thanksgiving Farm Fare

This has been a beautiful autumn, the leaves, the weather, the harvest; there isn't anything but positive to say about this season. We had a productive season with amazing young people to help grow the farm, make connections, and take part in the day to day here on the farm.  Now we've come to the time of year when we reflect on the season and enjoy the bounty that the farm has provided us.

One of our favorite events of the year is Stonewall Farm's annual Farm Fare. We have been attending as a turkey vendor for many years now and we look forward to seeing familiar faces and soaking up the festive ambiance of the community event. This year, once again we will be selling our pasture-raised turkeys on Saturday the 20th. If you haven't been to the event in the past you can attend Friday night from 4-7 (we will not have turkeys available on Friday night) and on Saturday from 9-3. We'll be outside with our turkeys along with some other goodies from the farm. Inside at the Farm Fare, you'll find all the fixings for your Thanksgiving table, so make sure to spend some time inside talking to the great local producers that have spent the summer months preparing for this event.

Never had a Walpole Valley Farms pasture-raised turkey? This is the year to try one! We will have various sized birds available for purchase at the Farm Fare on Saturday the 20th only (not Friday evening). Our birds are lovingly raised on the green pastures of Walpole Valley Farms nestled in the Connecticut River Valley. We move our turkeys to fresh pasture every five days to ensure that the pasture gets fertilized and that the turkeys have a clean, fresh area to roam and eat from. Along with a minimal ration of GMO-FREE grain, our turkeys feast on bugs, worms, and grasses that are plentiful here at the farm. We harvest our turkeys in October and freeze them right away. Why do we do this you may ask? The grasses stop growing and the bugs and other critters that make these turkeys taste so good are all but gone by late October. Rather than having turkeys that belly up to a feed trough for the last month of their lives, we process them when they are still eating an optimal pasture diet; the result: a healthy bird that is healthy for us with a flavor beyond compare.

Stonewall Farm's annual Farm Fare is a great event and we hope to see you there on the 20th!!


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