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Welcome Spring!

It's starting to look like spring weather is moving in to stay. With warmer temperatures, the grass is growing in again and insects of all sorts are starting to return. The laying hens are now able to forage for all the returning nutritious plants and bugs. You might notice a slight difference in the rich orange yolks as they transition to diet higher in protein. Along with a richer yolk color laying hens raised on pasture produce eggs with higher omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E so, for good reasons, they were definitely excited to start nibbling on grass again!

The grass out in the field is getting greener and taller everyday. Soon, the cows will return to graze on pasture, chicks will be out in their tractors, and turkeys will be out in the field again. We welcome the warmer weather and rain as our fields become more lush and green. The farm's busy season is approaching quickly! We hope to see you on the farm soon!


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