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The Incredible Egg

The chickens started laying quite a few more eggs this past week, such a relief it has been to us and many of you out there who have been missing those delicious, golden-yolked little spheres.  Chickens are funny little creatures and if you have some of your own hens or have the opportunity to visit a farm, make sure to just observe them for a while. Feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs everyday ensures plenty of time for observation and I am constantly amused and amazed by these dinosaur-like birds.

Once in a while if I am lucky, I am able to watch a hen lay her egg. The process isn't really much different than a human female giving birth to a slippery baby. The egg is wet when it is laid and this coating is called the cuticle. The cuticle is like a protective coating and is nature's way of keeping microbes out of the egg until washing. The hens make funny noises, flap their wings a bit and always inspect their freshly laid eggs, some of them not wanting to give up them up at collection time. And they do this day in and day out which is the truly amazing part.

Our youngest little boy loves eggs and he loves to watch the chickens with me. He doesn't like their curiosity when it comes to his c lothing or shoelaces but they always make him laugh. When he was just a baby they were also known to make him cry due to the cacophony of c lucks emanating from the coop, not to mention their beaty little eyes that admittedly can be a little unnerving.

Chickens are a huge part of our farm and we are thankful for the eggs that they produce and the absolutely amazing manure that we end up with at the end of the winter season. We always turn that poop into tomatoes so it really is a win-win for everyone. Thank you chickens!

So if you haven't had the opportunity to really spend some time with chickens please come on by!  We'd love to take you with us while we collect eggs and show you what we do and you'll be sure to enjoy watching the hens.


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